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  • What should I pack for one of your trips?
    The important thing to remember is to keep it light and relatively casual. All the places we travel to are, to put it plainly, hot. We will be spending lots of time on boats and beaches, so shorts, t-shirts and swimsuit are the general uniform of the day. Gentlemen bring a collared shirt if you feel like dressing up. Sandals or flip flops is what we commonly wear in this part of the world, but whatever you might be comfortable in. You won't need anything heavier than tennis shoes. Sunscreen, bug spray, prescription medication and funds for tips, marine park fees and the occasional meal out. Credit cards are generally accepted wherever we go.
  • Do I need a special visa to enter Thailand or Indonesia?
    As a U.S. citizen both countries give a 30 day visa on arrival, so you do not need to obtain one before you depart.
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