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Top Thailand Travel Tips

So you’ve decided to visit The Land of Smiles, Thailand, a must go for any intrepid traveler. And Thailand has so much to offer, stunning beaches, breathtaking mountains, cosmopolitan Bangkok, a deep, rich culture and some of the best food on the planet!

Whether you choose an epic scuba adventure in the Similan Islands, shopping and nightlife in Bangkok or visiting elephant sanctuaries and mountain trekking in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand deserves to be on your trip radar. With that in mind, here are our “Top Thailand Travel Tips”…

  1. The first thing you will probably notice as soon as you step off the airplane is the heat. Thailand is “no joke” hot, with average temps in the 80’s F and highs often in the 90’s F and high humidity. It is very important to drink plenty of water and other fluids like yummy fresh Thai coconut water. You will need more salt than usual. Sunscreen and some type of hat is a good idea. Above all, take it easy. Yes you’re on vacation and want to see and do as much as you can, but remember to schedule some rest time, especially in the afternoon heat of the day. Schedule tours and activities early in the day if possible.

  2. Thailand is more conservative than you think. Sometimes people misunderstand Thai culture because of the party hard nightlife scene that prevails in certain areas like Bangkok,Phuket and Pattaya. And while these places have won their reputation honestly, they are not representative of Thai people or culture as a whole. Thailand has a deep culture rooted in Buddhism, family life and being a good person. Thai people are generally quite modest and almost invariably polite. You will certainly have a better time on your Thai holiday if you are as well.

  3. Get the “Grab” app. It is basically the Uber of Thailand. In the “old days” travelers were sometimes taken advantage of by unscrupulous taxi drivers who had a monopoly over their domain. The “Grab” app has changed all this and added transparency to the system. It’s easy to use and safe.

  4. Eat local. You may never have an opportunity to eat truly authentic Thai food again so take advantage of it! If you don’t know a lot about Thai food, it’s a great time to experiment with different dishes. If you go out in a group try dining “Thai style” where everyone orders a different dish and shares. The tropical fruit, especially mango, is worth the cost of an airline ticket alone!

  5. Beware Thai roads. The roads in Thailand are notoriously dangerous. Speeding and reckless driving are fairly common and motorbikes are everywhere. Use caution when crossing roads, especially in busy cities. Think twice about renting a motorbike unless you are already a skilled rider.

  6. Pack light. This is pretty easy due to the aforementioned heat. Unless you have specific plans for a fancy night out, you probably won’t need any “dress” clothes. Also, it’s quite easy and inexpensive to have laundry done in Thailand. Just ask wherever you are staying for a local recommendation or if they can possibly do it.

We are BRAVE Diving, we offer guided group scuba trips to Asia’s most fun and exotic locations for groups, dive shops and individuals and there are a lot more tips we have to share. So keep checking back for tips, trip info and news about our Asian adventures! But like the title says, these are the “Top Thailand Travel Tips” Hope to see you in “The Land of Smiles”!

“BRAVE Diving, not just great diving, a great adventure!”

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