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 // this next bit of code gets the Wix Member (not the BD Member) ID value

    // this ID is used to set the destination for a triggered email thru the

    // Wix API.  The ID value is not accessable through the Content Manager nor

    // the Wix Dashboard, hence this work-around.


    let curUserEmail = "";


    const rtnMember = await currentMember.getMember()

        .then((member) => {

            id = member._id;

            const fullName = `${member.contactDetails.firstName} ${member.contactDetails.lastName}`;

            curUserEmail = member.loginEmail;

            return member;


        .catch((error) => {




    console.log("id = " + id);

    let toInsert = {

        "curUserEmail": curUserEmail,

        "curUserString": id


    wixData.insert("ScratchPad", toInsert);

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